"Perfumed cloud clothing"


All of our pieces are made with xiang yun sha silk. We are the first to use it in the United States.

Xiang yun sha (Ziran silk) is a beautiful and sustainable silk from China. Although it originated over five hundred years ago, it is a rare and unknown treasure to outsiders. 

Ziran silk is created entirely by hand in one small city at the banks of the Pearl River. Every yard of silk is different and produced in small batches, 15 yards at a time. 

No harsh chemicals are used. All ingredients are natural, and the process is completely sustainable, from beginning to end.

Our silk is buttery, anti-microbial, nourishing, and wrinkle resistant. Yet it is durable and can be used everyday.

Making our silk requires time, patience, skill, and the perfect combination of natural elements- all qualities which have largely been forgotten in conventional fabric manufacturing. 

By wearing our silks, you embody the meaning of Ziran: natural, spontaneous, and free. 




How it's Made


Dyed in vegetable juice


Bathed in mud


Rinsed in the Pearl River



Laid under bamboo rods



Baked in the sun



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