is a concept in ancient Daoist philosophy that means "self so, natural, spontaneous, and free." 

Ziran advocates what is so of itself, without any external force or coercion.

This concept drives everything we do.


In the 5th century bc, the philosopher Laozi wrote: 


"Man follows the ways of earth, 

Earth follows heaven,

Heaven follows the Dao, 

Dao follows its' own ways,



Our Mission

Weaving tradition into the modern world. Leading a new generation to live the Ziran way: natural, spontaneous, and free.


 our core values: 

kindness to one another

passion for creativity

accountability for actions

caring for the planet

preserving culture

purpose in business


Founded By Kelly Wang Shanahan

Kelly grew up in LA's Southbay and spent her formative years in the ocean, thrifting, sewing, and traveling to China. She is Chinese/Irish and draws influence from both cultures. 

While researching her undergraduate honors thesis Shanahan discovered xiang yun sha silk. Completely enraptured, she vowed to use the exclusive silk someday when she started her own clothing line. Kelly then received degrees in Chinese Studies, Fashion Design, and a MBA in Entrepreneurship. Six years after discovering the silk she was ready. In June 2016 Ziran was born.