The Ziran Way Film

The breathtaking short film, The Ziran Way, explores an exclusive and sustainable silk called xiang yun sha. Literally translated as “perfumed cloud clothing,” the silk has been made in one town in China for the past 500 years. It’s an emblem of cultural heritage, luxury, sustainability, and the magical workings of Mother Nature.

The Ziran Way exposes the life of the silk, from its’ beginning on the silk farm to a finished piece in Los Angeles. The Ziran team, led by Creative Director Kelly Wang Shanahan and Director Ryan Hackbarth, visit the Chinese town where the silk is made, learn from its’ people, and capture the essence of this extraordinary textile. The film then moves to Los Angeles, where it uncovers the Ziran clothing brand and its’ ambitious efforts to weave tradition into the modern world.

This is the first film ever made about the silk and it ultimately concludes that in order for the silk to continue for the next 500 years, we need to be thoughtful in our actions today. By choosing conscious and sustainable products, we can ensure that the next generation will live natural, spontaneous, and free.

Join us in the movement, The Ziran Way.